Jackson Art Labs LTD is a limited NFT collection of 5,000 unique Art Heads themed pictures/illustrations that are intended to be used as collectibles. As such, they are to be reserved only for fun (e.g., as an avatar, profile picture, sticker, to print on your T-shirt, etc.) and NOT with any expectation of “value”, “profit”, “yield”, “investment” (or anything financial in mind).  

Art Heads NFT is a NFT collection created by / owned by Jackson Art Labs LTD. But apart from its legal form (and the legal protections that this entails), this is very much a passion project, created as a hobby, and the creators are all about making amazing illustrations.

Important: when you mint an Art Heads NFT you have explicitly acknowledged our Disclaimer, accepted our T&Cs and you are solely attaining an Art Heads NFT illustration as a collectible for fun only. For clarity, you are aware that collectible NFTs are neither investments, nor a security token, nor an e-money token, as such, they are classified as unregulated. You are also aware that NFTs are said not to be a store of value, are not a generally accepted medium of exchange, and are considered very illiquid and volatile.

All usual crypto disclaimers apply to our project as well. If you are collecting NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, you already know them since you are smarter than the average NFT enthusiast. But, for good order: “nothing here is financial advice”, “NFTs in itself have no value”, “there is high volatility, illiquidity, and uncertainty in crypto”, “capital at risk” and so on.

You must fully understand what reserving a future NFT entails and be comfortable with the associated risk before reserving. Nothing here is investment advice. Art Heads NFTs are not investment products, nor securities, nor Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), nor anything similar or “financial” of any description. Please do not min an Art Heads NFT for any other reason apart from the love of their illustration and do not have/form any monetary/crypto expectations from this.

Please do your own research and participate in NFT collecting in a responsible matter. We are not regulated in any way shape or form, nor is there any guarantee that you can make a return or indeed sell your NFT. Again, mint this just if you like the collectible illustration and want to have it. We are stating all of the above (and the T&Cs) to make sure that you are fully responsible for this, that you reserve with your eyes open and that you acknowledge and only reserve this as a collectible illustration for fun only (and not for any “investment” related purposes). 

We will do our best to make this project successful (and by the success we mean to deliver great illustrations) and take reasonable precautions (such as 2FA, smart contract audits, and use of reputable services/business partners).

Lastly, we offer no guarantees about anything, this website is the only official source of information about this project (do not rely on any other information) and we disclaim any legal claims that you may have against the Art Heads NFT and implicitly Jackson Art Labs LTD (and its officers, members, directors, agents, staff, etc.).

Copyright © 2022. Art Heads NFT is an NFT collection created by Jackson Art Labs LTD. All Rights Reserved.